We all know what boxing is and how it’s done. It is a sport where two individuals fight with their gloved-covered fists while wearing padded headgear. It involves fast movements, precision, and lots of training.  

However, what many may not know is that it is great for people to do. It can help people become healthier, can teach self-defense, and boxing classes can keep kids from being on the streets as it can be a sport for them. 

The Boxing Classes 

Boxing Classes are open for anyone to join, including people who are beginners. They last 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday. They have shorter classes for those who want to attend on Monday and Wednesday for only 60 minutes. The classes give people the option to be flexible and to fit it in when capable.  

The classes contain three levels of sections broken into: 

Warm Ups – This is just to condition the body to handle the next steps that follow. It can be stretching and other routines to perform before practicing.Boxing Techniques – People can learn boxing techniques such as striking, guarding, movement, and tactics as boxers do to train and become skillful.Exercises – This is for gaining fitness and learning other routines that boxers need for movement. It will help improve their performance. 

It is not just for children or teens either, but people of all ages can sign up for these classes to get healthier or use as a hobby. 

Health Benefits from Boxing Classes 

People can use classes like these for many health benefits and to lose weight. For weight loss, boxing can be an excellent source for quality cardio. The movements and techniques can help burn fat to loss calories. All it can take is a one-hour a day lesson for you to start it, too. People who are older in age can resort to this as well. They can take fitness classes that will be solely punching in the air or at a punching bag. 

Other health benefits from boxing can be strengthening muscles for upper and lower body strength. It is great for the heart as it involves aerobic exercises. This can lowers the chances of strokes, as well as diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. It brings more endurance, improves the mood, and helps give better balancing when standing. 

Self Defense 

Boxing classes can help you learn tactics for self defense. It will help people defend themselves in case dire situations come up or if a fight breaks out. The tactics that boxers use can be learned and taught throughout these classes. People will learn defensive tactics, offensive attacks, and feet movement. It can help in knowing how to use distances at advantages (with jab attacks), improving balance and direction, and learning how to block attacks. These tactics are not anything advanced either – they are basic tactics that anyone can learn to defend themselves. And once these are learned, it will help kids, teens, and adults in situations to protect themselves and those around. 

Kids Can Learn Boxing as a Sport & Stay Safe 

Kids can take these classes and use it as a sport when they are young or a teen. It will give them health benefits and teach them self defense tactics to guard themselves. Yet, it can also be as a hobby or a sport to enjoy. Other young kids will also be taking these boxing lessons throughout the week and can make friends. Sports are great for kids to enjoy their time after school and with others. 

This will keep kids and teens busy once school ends. That is important because it will give them something to do. It will prevent them from being on the street or obtain bad habits and behaviors. Every parent wants their child to stay in good manner and perform well with others. With these classes, it involves kids having a mentor to learn good behaviors, learning life lessons, and will improve moods for those around. Kids can join groups or a team and develop a positive environment. 

Boxing classes can help anyone become healthier, gives an option as a sport to play, and teaches the basics of self defense. With being dedicated to the outcome, people can have fun while learning ways to improve aspects of their life! 

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